The Blogger and the Squire

Firstly: How would I describe myself?

Creative, quirky and passionate.

I have done many things in my life, made some fantastic decisions and some incredibly stupid ones.  Many have taken me down roads I never wanted to venture down, and it took me a while to get back on track.  Once on track, there was no stopping me, this was when I meet a fantastic man who is now my best friend and husband.

A jack of many trades master of none sums up my “career”.   I started travelling in my late teens, then years later with a one-way ticket to London, what was I thinking?  Worked on a cruise liner as a stewardess to working in many hotels as a bartender/waitress.  Then in between those jobs, had me working alongside people with disabilities.  My last job was as a Qualified Preschool teacher, which I left quite a few years ago to manage our small orchard that the Squire and I created from bare land, which we sold in 2008.

A few more facts about myself!

  • I am an early starter in a few of life’s challenges and a late starter in many.  One example of my lateness is completing 10 half marathons [competitive walker] and one triathlon in my fifties.


  • My first trip overseas was to Melbourne in the 1970’s when passports were not required.  Have been travelling on and off since then.
  • I love to garden and have this strange infliction of enjoying mowing lawns.
  • Don’t stand in the way of me and a good cup of coffee in the morning.
  •  I have a very contagious laugh, and I love to make people laugh.

Information about the Squire and I, as Globalhousesitters


House and pet-sitting appeals as we genuinely love animals and when walking dogs, we engage with the locals and become, for a little while, part of that community.

We love learning about new cultures, trying different foods and the history of various countries we are fortunate enough to visit.

At the beginning of August 2018- we have completed 34 housesits.

Art, design and history are other interests of ours.  Which means I write not only about our travels, and, the animals we care for, I will also include interviews with creative people and housesitters from around the world.

For more information check out these posts:

50 things we appreciate in our life

Not the average couple

Want to be a housesitter?

Thanks for reading and leave a message I would love to hear from you.

Suz and the Squire xx

P.S.  Can you tell I do not like having my photograph taken?  Must get a few new photos of myself and the Squire!



39 thoughts on “The Blogger and the Squire”

  1. I love this Suzanne!
    I had no idea you had had such an interesting and varied career as well as your nomadic retired lifestyle! ❤

    So, do you have someone house sitting for you and looking after your orchard while you are house sitting? If someone else was house sitting for them, there could be an endless loop of people looking after each others homes!

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  2. Hi Suzanne, I just found you from your guest post over on Donna’s blog! Glad I found you, as we seem to be kindred spirits. I love a good cup of coffee, gardening, traveling, laughing – and I’ve walked 5 half-marathons. That said, I believe my hands don’t fit that “lawn mowing machine” and I’m fortunate that hubs fancies lawn mowing as his form of exercise! Glad I’ve discovered you! ~ Lynn

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    1. Lovely to “meet you” Lynn. Look forward to connecting more. Yes lawn mowing does tend to be a man’s job. As long as I am fed and watered afterwards I’m more than happy to do it 😁 The 1/2 marathons feel a lifetime ago!! I sometimes get the urge for a repeat performance then I think I don’t want to push my luck!!


      1. I’m with you! I found that in each half-marathon, somewhere around mile 9, I would find myself thinking, “Why in the heck am I doing this!” So for the past few years, I’m listening to that inner voice. But it was such an accomplishment for us when it happened, right? ~ Lynn

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  3. Funny that you call NZ Downunder. I had only ever thought of Australia as that. And Kiwis call Australia, “Aussie” – it is funny all these slang words. The young ones are thinking of new ones all the time. I just heard “gatho” the other day and ‘totes’ for totally! Where will it end?

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    1. I suppose downunder is an Aussie thing, though as we are only a puddle away I do use it instead of using NZ all the time in a paragraph. Totes is an old one, though it meant something different. I wonder if the younger generations use it to eliminate the older people in conversations 🙂 English is the most bastardised language with so many slang words.


      1. I don’t think the younger people use this abbreviated sort of language to exclude the older ones deliberately, even though it works to their advantage to accentuate the generation gap! I think it more related to sounding cool and, or, being a bit lazy with their speech! They do not want too sound too formal!!

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  4. Nice to read about you and I am a walker as well Suzanne…My longest 26.2 miles, The Moon Walk it took me 6 hours and my poor hubbie was waiting half a mile from the finish line never knowing if I would make it but A promise is a promise and I did it!… I now to do much more sedate walks and no more than 8-10 K a day….but it suits me and more often than not it’s a modest 5k. Love gerring to know you 🙂

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    1. Thanks Carol, well done for achieving the 26.2 miles! It is wonderful when you put your mind to achieve something and you do it. I found the walking was more mental work than physical most competitions! Yes, I no longer do more than 10kms at one time.
      Though never say never 🙂 Aren’t we fortunate to have such amazing husbands who wait patiently at the finish line 🙂 Enjoying getting to know you too!

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  5. What an adventurer you are. A half Marathon and Triathlon my goodness I bow before you, this is how a healthy 50 something woman can live. And long may you keep challenging adventuring and exploring. P.s. put that tongue away #tooCheeky

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