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A Long Weekend in Wales Part 1

Before our last week in North Yorkshire, had any chance to gain traction I received a notification from Airbnb regarding searches for places to stay in Wales. Apparently, the searches had increased by 300% since the last time I looked, which was actually only the previous day. I wondered if there was a big event… Continue reading A Long Weekend in Wales Part 1

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Postcards from Devon

Something New, Something Old, and, a little of something in between. As we head from North to South, we are taking another different route back down the line. This time it will include a sharp right turn into a part of the United Kingdom we have yet to explore in depth. That happens to be… Continue reading Postcards from Devon

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Did Santa Claus live in Turkey?

Santa Claus did live in Turkey.  Though it's not the same Santa Claus, you think it is. What great memories of childhood are conjured up when remembering this fat jolly man, his elves, and the flying reindeer and of course those huge big sacks full of presents.  Every year around Christmas time, millions of parents across… Continue reading Did Santa Claus live in Turkey?

Life of adventure, Road Trips, Travelling between housesits

The Summer Roadtrip – Kas, Turkey Pt3

On a warm sunny Thursday morning in mid-June, we departed Pamukkale with a touch of eagerness as we were heading to the coast.  It did seem such a long time since we had ventured near the sea or wet our toes in the cool, soothing water. In the meantime, we had approx 300kms of countryside… Continue reading The Summer Roadtrip – Kas, Turkey Pt3