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Mini and Possum

Mini is the mum, and her daughter is Possum. The life of a cat doesn't get that stressful or that eventful. It's either food time, nap time or prowl time. With that in mind here are some captures of these two quietly enjoying their lives. Thanks for visiting all you cat lovers  and viewing  a small… Continue reading Mini and Possum

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Neighbourhood walks – Painswick

Barty dislikes the postie (he won't divulge why), pigeons and Possum [as in Possum, the cat because he hisses]. Basically,  just a few moving objects starting with "P".  Walking doesn't start with a "P" which is a good thing.  As we love to go for walks! Especially ones on a reasonably warm and sunny day.… Continue reading Neighbourhood walks – Painswick