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Countryside Scents in Spring

On a changeable spring day Our shoes disturbing the surface Earthy dusty soil and intoxicating pollen As the soft breeze brushes past us and fills the air. Our senses are engulfed The ground is white with fallen blossoms, Busy bees have done their job. Clouds open up The smell of rain A freshness scent similar… Continue reading Countryside Scents in Spring

Life of adventure, Musings of ordinary life

Wired to Travel

"The compulsion to see what lies beyond that far ridge or that ocean —or this planet— is a defining part of human identity and success." While most people are content to find an oasis or perhaps another slice of paradise to escape their daily grind for a few weeks of the year.  There are others, like… Continue reading Wired to Travel

Life of adventure, Musings of ordinary life

Growing up in PARADISE – Part 2

As previously stated in Growing up in Paradise I was a baby in the '50s, a child of the '60s and a teenager in the '70s and adulthood from the late seventies.  Life was pretty free and easy back then, even though times were a changing. High School, school certificate, and no driver's licence, in that… Continue reading Growing up in PARADISE – Part 2

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The Downside of Travelling Long-Term.

I have heard about it.  I have read about it. I have been waiting for it. Finally, it has hit us! We have got tired.  Really tired.  Tired of moving.  That time in the life of most full-time travellers. If they were honest with themselves.  Mind you this isn't the end of doing housesitting and… Continue reading The Downside of Travelling Long-Term.

Life of adventure, Musings of ordinary life

A memory – Love is …

Funny, how memories can randomly spark an interest, and, "I wonder what happened to ...?". Today's little gem concerns a particular cartoon. It was cute. It inflamed my teenage romantic reality of love. I looked forward to reading it. In our local rag. Back in the heydays. The local rag is still going, and so IS the cartoon.… Continue reading A memory – Love is …