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A memory – Love is …

Funny, how memories can randomly spark an interest, and, "I wonder what happened to ...?". Today's little gem concerns a particular cartoon. It was cute. It inflamed my teenage romantic reality of love. I looked forward to reading it. In our local rag. Back in the heydays. The local rag is still going, and so IS the cartoon.… Continue reading A memory – Love is …

Life of adventure, Musings of ordinary life

Change the End Digit – it’s 2018

Us two, an ordinary couple are about to launch into another extraordinary year. Which means we are more than a wee bit excited to again have the opportunity to housesit for another year caring for animals, meeting new people and ones we now call friends.  Most of all, exploring around a new corner in a new neighbourhood.… Continue reading Change the End Digit – it’s 2018

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The Best of 2017 – 11 photographs

Okay, my lovelies, I have succumbed to being one of the masses, as in bloggers who have displayed the best of the best of their photos for 2017. Here goes. The angsting moments where I try to make a decision which ones I love and an explanation of why.  It was a hard decision as… Continue reading The Best of 2017 – 11 photographs

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Our first Spanish Christmas

N.B.  A local creative artist built this traditional Christmas decoration, it's used instead of a tree. This time of year can create such an extreme reaction in people, from glee to rolling of the eyes, I am somewhere in between.  Depending on what is happening on the day it can lean towards one or the… Continue reading Our first Spanish Christmas

Musings of ordinary life

Happy Birthday Mum

It is the time to hear voices in hopeful unison singing Happy birthday with a hip hip hooray, tagged happily at the end. Yes, another birthday and another one we are not spending with you.  Which over the years there have not been many we have not celebrated together with a coffee and cake outing.  Today,… Continue reading Happy Birthday Mum