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The Marlborough Markets

Our first sunny day in Marlborough, we made the most of it. With a trip into the township of Marlborough and more specifically to the Farmers Market.  As you might have gathered from previous writings on our food shopping, we do enjoy supporting local markets.  We enjoy the interaction with the grower or producer, it's… Continue reading The Marlborough Markets

Housesitting, Housesitting in the UK, Life of adventure

A Return to the COTSWOLDS

It always feels like we have returned to our home away from home when we place our feet firmly back onto "Dear Old Blighty" ground. Even more so when we arrived at a repeat housesit in the Cotswolds. Do you remember the lovable character Barty and his sidekick feline family? No? Then here you go,… Continue reading A Return to the COTSWOLDS

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Heading off to “Dear Old Blighty”

As most of you are aware, we have been in Turkey since late February. With a week in Istanbul Postcards from Istanbul, we then flew down to complete another housesit in Dalyan, this was a repeat one caring for one gentle and adorable always smiling dog called Tequila, and two equally lovable cats Charlie and Kizzy, not… Continue reading Heading off to “Dear Old Blighty”

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Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2018

This year Globalhousesitterx2 has been nominated for: "The Most Informative Blogger" award. Me the blogger, was over the moon, surprised, happy, and so very honoured to have been nominated for two awards.  Alas, I had to choose one, and the one above was it. Now my work [always one in progress] is again being recognised. I do feel… Continue reading Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2018

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Neighbourhood Walks – Sounds Abound

It occurred to me as we wander around various places, that not only is the foliage, the smells, and the architecture different for us, what is striking is the amount of variation of sounds that abound as we move around. One particular sunny Spring day, I took more notice. Firstly, it's the incessant noise of frustrated dogs as… Continue reading Neighbourhood Walks – Sounds Abound

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Meet Clare – An Artist and a Blogger

Firstly before I introduce you to my next artist I have interviewed.  I would like to explain why I am choosing to highlight various artists on my blog. The main reason is that during our travels we enjoy many various forms of art, some in prominent places such as in museums, art galleries or street, to… Continue reading Meet Clare – An Artist and a Blogger

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Easter in a Muslim Country

Last year we were eating chocolate in Aubonne, Switzerland, the previous year in Helmsley, United Kingdom and going further back it was in New Zealand. So as you can see, there is an overwhelming repetitive habit occurring with chocolate.  It's true, we love eating chocolate at Easter time.  If the truth is to be told, we… Continue reading Easter in a Muslim Country