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The Rococo Gardens in Painswick

Summer is well and truly upon us, and with summer comes colour. We have indeed been blessed with glorious weather to enjoy what England does best. For me, this means the prolific gardens. My favourites are those that do not require an entry fee as many stunning views can be seen and enjoyed on my… Continue reading The Rococo Gardens in Painswick

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Motorhoming – Where can we Camp?

My next post in the series "The Motorhome Years". Most new motorhomers remember quite readily the "shudder and loud groan" when recalling issues when it came to finding a place to park up for the night. Especially if like us they owned a large motorhome [R.V.]. Each day, it would send us into a mild… Continue reading Motorhoming – Where can we Camp?

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The Month of July in Somerset

What a glorious summer month it was to enjoy housesitting in a part of England that we had not previously stayed in for longer than an hour or two. Which made our weeks in Clevedon, Somerset, relaxing and fun exploring its nooks and crannies in the sunshine. Then there was the main reason why we… Continue reading The Month of July in Somerset

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The Aussie Housesitters – Rachel & Chris

Hi, we are Rachel and Chris. House sitters, bloggers creators of Just Living The Dream or JLTD and alternative lifestyle livers. First and foremost we pride ourselves on being the best house sitters a home owner could ask for! Seriously, we work our bums off to be the best! Secondly, we are seriously Just Living The Dream.… Continue reading The Aussie Housesitters – Rachel & Chris

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The Smallest City in England – WELLS

Our day out and our first stop did not start in Wells. In fact, our first stop was not far from there, approximately 11 miles, in a smallish village named Axbridge. This is where we caught up with Debs from DebsWorld and the Mathematician. It was a pleasure to spend time with them both. Catching… Continue reading The Smallest City in England – WELLS

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The Older Bloggers Survey

As I collect my thoughts on what we have been doing in the last month.  Let me share a link to a survey for "Older Bloggers" that I participated in during May/June this year. The results are now being published, section by section. In the first section, one of the questions was to state your… Continue reading The Older Bloggers Survey

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The Oddest Town in England – Glastonbury

On our arrival in Glastonbury,  the first glimpse we had was not the mysticism and eccentricity it was all the hanging baskets bursting with blooming flowers.  They were a surprise and more than we had seen in other English towns. What a colourful and cheerful display. There were more surprises to come as we wandered… Continue reading The Oddest Town in England – Glastonbury