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The Marlborough Markets

Our first sunny day in Marlborough, we made the most of it. With a trip into the township of Marlborough and more specifically to the Farmers Market.  As you might have gathered from previous writings on our food shopping, we do enjoy supporting local markets.  We enjoy the interaction with the grower or producer, it's… Continue reading The Marlborough Markets

Housesitting, Housesitting in the UK, Life of adventure

A Return to the COTSWOLDS

It always feels like we have returned to our home away from home when we place our feet firmly back onto "Dear Old Blighty" ground. Even more so when we arrived at a repeat housesit in the Cotswolds. Do you remember the lovable character Barty and his sidekick feline family? No? Then here you go,… Continue reading A Return to the COTSWOLDS

Housesitting, Housesitting in the UK, Neighbourhood Walks

Neighbourhood Walks – Througham

Life really is all about timing! We certainly did not get our timing correct for mostly sunny weather when housesitting in the Cotswolds a few weeks ago.  As the cold front that was passing through made the temperature more like a late winter with the odd moments of spring. Did this dampen our spirits, it… Continue reading Neighbourhood Walks – Througham

Housesitting, Housesitting in the UK, Life of adventure

North Yorkshire revisited

Last year was our first taste of North Yorkshire, and we were ready for another massive bite from this delicious part of England.  Okay, I know the weather isn't the most desirable for exploring though when she shines what a beauty.  She did shine on quite a few days, though on our second trip it has… Continue reading North Yorkshire revisited