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Meet Clare – An Artist and a Blogger

Firstly before I introduce you to my next artist I have interviewed.  I would like to explain why I am choosing to highlight various artists on my blog. The main reason is that during our travels we enjoy many various forms of art, some in prominent places such as in museums, art galleries or street, to… Continue reading Meet Clare – An Artist and a Blogger


Meet Nilla – Photographer and Intrepid Traveller

Through the eye of a photographer, she captures life using light, a vista, or that unique look on a person or animal's face. This is a talent not everyone possesses. One professional photographer who does it so uniquely is Nilla. Through her blogging platform, she inspires me and I am sure many more, to see… Continue reading Meet Nilla – Photographer and Intrepid Traveller

Creativity, Life of adventure

Meet Kathy – A Talented Artist

I have had fun introducing you to Judith in Spain and Carol in New Zealand, my next Artist in the spotlight hails from across a ditch [from New Zealand]. To be more precise Victoria, Australia. It is my privilege that Kathy has allowed me to show you her art. Asking or answering questions is not… Continue reading Meet Kathy – A Talented Artist


Meet Carol the Potter – NZ Artist

To have a break from writing about travel, I thought it would be a delightful interlude to include a focus on various artists, every now and again.  It's not a big surprise that I would want to write about creative people, as aside from having a passion for learning and travel, another one, of course,… Continue reading Meet Carol the Potter – NZ Artist


Jam Art Prints

While I try to find some time to write up about our roadtrip and care for "Lottie" the cat at our first Spain housesit, here is a little snippet from a moment in New Zealand. Every visit back to the homeland (New Zealand) our storage unit needs to be checked, this time around it had… Continue reading Jam Art Prints