Housesitting in Turkey

Princess Kizzy and Charles

Firstly, let me just start with saying that we are a bit more casual with the names around here, so it’s just good old Charlie not CHARLES and Kizzy, not PRINCESS KIZZY, with no pomp and ceremony over breakfast for us.


Charlie was first, the only cat in this household until Kizzy came along.  It was no love at first sight or no instant bonding to be formed.  Tolerance rules their relationship.

It is an unwritten law, that one respects the eldest feline, and all will be good in the world.  This is not always upheld by the impatient young Princess [titled by us] Kizzy.  As on a hot summer’s day, all rules fly out the window, as tempers are frayed, and cold comfort is sort.  At the end making them both losers.  As no one gets that lovely cool spot.  Even after much protest when separated.20170802_174652_editedThe two felines from different mothers do not have that much in common.  What they do have is, they both came from a lineage of street cats, and their meowing is low key, softly done, and not consistent.  It is such a pleasure to be in their company unless of course, we forget to fill up their bowls of scrumptious cat food.

Charlie, the lad, is an upstairs sort of guy, his territory at night or anytime if the truth is told is a different spot of comfort on a selection of beds.  Luckily not ours, one experience with bed sharing was when we were in France, check it out – BED SHARING.20170726_165554_editedAs far as Kizzy is concerned, he can have it, as girls rule together outside and her spot is usually on a small part of Tequila’s bed.  Though the majority of the time lately we have woken to find Tequila on the tiles and wee little Kizzy in the middle of a rather large bed! Tequila, the dog, is very laid back and very much into having peace and quiet, and will happily give up her comfort, for now, to lay on the cold tiles.  I have a feeling that both have got what they want.  20170628_065250_edited

When it comes to domination, sometimes size really doesn't matter at all._edited


32 thoughts on “Princess Kizzy and Charles”

  1. Not just house sitting then 🙂 I never realised, although maybe should have in retrospect, that you might well end up caretaking pets too. One wonders how exotic they might get before the word “No” starts forming 🙂

    I get the feeling these two are a shade spoilt too 😉

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  2. It is funny how animals sometimes love each other, and sometimes don’t. My dog and the pug we dogsit occasionally tolerate each other-but nothing more. But its so obvious when a dog finds one of his her buddies.
    Animals have as much complexity in how they stake their claims in the world as humans do! I’m not at all surprised that Kizzy takes up all kinds of space! Adorable.

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  3. Ah…we have recently (in the last coup-le of weeks) introduced a kitten to our home. He is playful as kittens are, but our older cat is still struggling with his annoying ways. I’m hoping they will become best friends…lovely post, I will follow your tale.

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    1. Thanks. My tales change on a regular basis as do the housesits and types of pets. Though after this one in Turkey we have another in Portugal with 4 cats so I should be able to come up with a few stories. Enjoy your new kitten, they are amusing aren’t they!! Not sure if cats do change their minds about new additions, tolerant more than accept 🙂


  4. Adorable cats! Our cat rules the roost at our house and it sounds like your cats do, too. Dogs are so amiable. That’s one thing I love about dogs. 🙂

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    1. I suppose I could venture down the road and interview Princess Kizzy’s mother, who just happens to be still a street cat, that is very pampered by a few local people. Now a book, what an interesting idea! Nah, blogging is definitely far easier 🙂

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    1. Thanks yes they certainly do. Never ceases to amaze me how dogs will back away from a cat’s demands. Our dog from years ago was the same with the 3 cats we had!! We did have a farm with plenty of room, they still had to be in the same area!

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