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Looks like, sounds like, must be

Run out of bread, need more fruit and vegetables, it’s Thursday.

It’s MARKET DAY at Hesdin.

Finally, we were heading off to check this place out.

Parking is a major issue on an ordinary day let alone a market day.  To cut a long story short and a few loud “There’s one quick get it” with the inevitable groan from the 2nd driver when a nifty car and even niftier driver got it, we did eventually find one.

Then we started following people with empty bags who were undoubtedly heading to the market.  When we saw, and we heard what looks and sounds like a market we found a vegetable stall that had what looked like market veterans all waiting in line.  Ahhh must be the place to get a few good spuds and a few other delectable vegetables, so we got in line.  Waited, smiled and waited.  Did I mention that having limited ability to chat for the sake of it actually is quite good as you absorb more of what is actually going on around your immediate vicinity?

Okay back to our visit to the market, after purchasing some very fresh and healthy looking vegetables we proceeded to head down past the rest of the stalls.  This was when interest became a disappointment, the atmosphere did not seem to want us to purchase anything else that was up for sale.  Whether it was because we were becoming more discerning consumers of the finer French food or the stalls just didn’t look very inviting.

Vegetable stall

We did accomplish our mission to visit the Hesdin market.  It did give us great tasting spuds and other vegetables which were greatly appreciated as part of our dinner tonight.  Just the rest of the market left us with a ho-hum sort of feeling.  My thoughts on the general markets we have visited are: where are the arty crafty people makers of original creative crafts in our communities and why are they not selling their products at the markets anymore?  Maybe because they are at home making crafty items and waiting for warmer days to arrive.

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