Historic towns

A stroll through historic Hesdin

We will be visiting the historic village of Hesdin which is in the Heart of the Seven Valleys quite a few times while we are staying in the area of Pas De Calais.  As it’s approximately 12kms away, so not far to go, and not too close, to not consider it a destination for an outing.  It’s definitely a pleasurable place to spend time walking around to explore the church and an elegant central square with its ancient Flemish style town hall.  To mark the hours it has a carillon,  which tolled when we visited and certainly reminds us of how it was years ago.  A walk is never complete without a stop at a local cafe for a hot coffee which is needed during these cold winter days.

The signs of occupation from the Spanish are still in evidence amongst the cobbled streets of the town. The impressive Town Hall built in the style of the Renaissance bears the Spanish Coat of Arms, and Flemish style architecture predominates, it also boasts a carillon, which marks the hours.

The River Canche runs to the sea through to inland towns and through the 16th Century houses in the town of Hesdin which were built in 1554 on the orders of the Spanish King Charles V.  Though we haven’t tried to catch any fish,  it has been said that the river contains plenty in its waters.  From salmon to brown and sea trout.

The town is also known for its magnificent 16th Century Church of Nôtre Dame with its wonderful stained glass windows.  Unfortunately, it was too cold to spend too much time in the church, we will go back. Next time, I will be brave and take off my gloves, take some photos of the stained glass windows to show you all!


The canche river and where it enters and flows through a part of the Pas De Calais.bassin_de_la_canche-svg

A large market is held in the Hesdin Square and surrounding streets every Thursday.  Hopefully, we will be able to attend this weeks market, as by all accounts it is well worth visiting.

Goodbye for now – Au revoir pour l’instant


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