Life of adventure

Off we go …


Brisbane to Dubai – Dubai to Paris from the 28 -29 December.  That was one hell of a long flight!!  Though we managed rather well and were very pleased with ourselves for not losing the plot due to tiredness.  Usually, we take the easier route by stopping for a few days in Asia.  Due to the time of year, it was all or nothing!!  So we took the plunge and booked a direct flight. [thanks to Donella from Hello World Travel Agency ]  Donella has been informative, easy to chat with travel agent to us over the last few years.

The next day, 30th December, we headed down to Calais by train.  Which took approximate an hour. We were kindly met by Julie and Bill, whose home and animals we were going to be looking after for the next 3 months.

I can not stress enough about booking ahead time and removing as many “this could happen etc. travelling.  Makes life on the road so much more enjoyable.  Another significant factor is the monetary outlay, it’s usually cheaper to book ahead than closer to the time.  When booking trains it has to be usually 3 months or less from the date of booking to departure.  I will be using the word ‘generally’ quite a bit as what is written or said by the transport authorities does not always mean it will happen.  One way we do use to make sure we get a good deal is the use of a Virtual Private Network,    ExpressVPN

Other useful websites for booking trains and worldwide travel are:  Go to man for trains is Seat61.  Train reservations we use: Trainline Loco2   N.B. Trainline [most European countries]  Loco2 [UK and Germany]  plus all countries have their own individual train websites.

Without trying to state the obvious another major requirement when travelling is PATIENCE 🙂

Being housesitters, we can not do last minute deals as people are relying on us to be there on time plus we are usually booked up months in advance.  The next instalment will be the introduction of our latest chargers.

Au revoir – Bye for now



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