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Down by the Thames River x 2

The best way to explore and to truly understand the world is on foot. I think it enhances your senses like no other method of travel, plus it’s easy [most of the time] and cheap with the comparison to different modes of travelling. We were on a roll with our walking and were in no… Continue reading Down by the Thames River x 2

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A Long Weekend in Wales Part 1

Before our last week in North Yorkshire, had any chance to gain traction I received a notification from Airbnb regarding searches for places to stay in Wales. Apparently, the searches had increased by 300% since the last time I looked, which was actually only the previous day. I wondered if there was a big event… Continue reading A Long Weekend in Wales Part 1

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Interviews with Housesitters

Want to know more about other housesitters than just us? Yes, I thought you might.  This morning a bright idea came to mind, as it often does on a few occasions with the consumption of caffeine via good coffee. That bright idea is to bring to you each month an interview highlighting other like-minded people… Continue reading Interviews with Housesitters

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Meet Holly – A Mixed Media Artist

Firstly before introducing you to my next artist, I have interviewed.  I would like to explain why I am choosing to highlight various artists on my blog. The main reason is that during our travels we enjoy many various forms of art, some in prominent places such as in museums, art galleries or street, to even footpath… Continue reading Meet Holly – A Mixed Media Artist

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Housesitting in North Yorkshire

It has once again been a pleasure to have housesat in North Yorkshire. A beautiful scenic part of the United Kingdom. Not forgetting to mention the friendly locals. When the sun is shining, she is indeed a beauty. Abe and Lou were no longer two, they were now three. Ageing another year had made them… Continue reading Housesitting in North Yorkshire

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Postcards from Devon

Something New, Something Old, and, a little of something in between. As we head from North to South, we are taking another different route back down the line. This time it will include a sharp right turn into a part of the United Kingdom we have yet to explore in depth. That happens to be… Continue reading Postcards from Devon

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Roadtrip – Surrey to Nth Yorkshire Pt 2

After our second night staying at the Tankersley Manor, which by the way is a very convenient place to explore The Peak District, without the high price of staying inside that area. It was time to leave South Yorkshire and head further North. From south to north, has been a regular trip over the years… Continue reading Roadtrip – Surrey to Nth Yorkshire Pt 2