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The Ghost Village of Kayakoy

In this small rustic area not far from the hustle and bustle of Fethiye. Things and people moved more slowly, no doubt because the tourist season had not yet gained traction or had even started for the year. Which meant that when we came to the ruins of Kayakoy, no one gave us much thought.… Continue reading The Ghost Village of Kayakoy

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Neighbourhood Walks – Iztuzu Beach & more

In Dalyan. Spring, not Summer. Warmish not HOT. More locals out walking than tourists. One more cat, albeit only a temporary visitor, had been added to the gang. Of course, you would remember the gang from our last visit here in the Summer of 2017. This visit could not be more opposite in weather conditions.… Continue reading Neighbourhood Walks – Iztuzu Beach & more

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Do you have a housesit? A few tips!

A few simple tips on what should happen next. One of the biggest things to remember you are about to complete a service, a job of sorts. Not a paid one, though it should still be treated as one. Take pride in what you do. It is very much a happy situation to be in,… Continue reading Do you have a housesit? A few tips!

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Want to be a housesitter?

When we decided we wanted to do housesitting the next obvious step was taking the plunge with a reputable website.  How did we know we had chosen the one which suited us the most? It was the one where we found the housesits we wanted to do, our first one was in Cornwall, United Kingdom,… Continue reading Want to be a housesitter?

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Roadtrip – Marbella to Madrid

After a quick farewell to Sarah and family, not, of course, forgetting the loveable Fudge. Which is always hard to do. As he gives us that hangdog look, that says to us, "What's happening, why are you leaving?", Though of course once the changing of the guard is executed, he will be back into his… Continue reading Roadtrip – Marbella to Madrid

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Meet Nilla – Photographer and Intrepid Traveller

Through the eye of a photographer, she captures life using light, a vista, or that unique look on a person or animal's face. This is a talent not everyone possesses. One professional photographer who does it so uniquely is Nilla. Through her blogging platform, she inspires me and I am sure many more, to see… Continue reading Meet Nilla – Photographer and Intrepid Traveller