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                学校⌒ 自组建以来,坚持“立足永州,服务三农”的办学定位,致力于为地方经济和社会发展☆培养高素质、高技能专门应用型人才,走出了一条“以服务求支持,以贡献求发展”的办※学之路,形成了鲜明ぷ的办学特色,取得了显著的办学业绩。学校先后荣获全国职业教育先进单位、全国高职高专人才培养水平评估优秀学院、国家教学成果一々等奖、国家示范性高等职业院校、全国模范职工之家、湖南省文明高校、湖南省职业教育先进单位、湖南省普通高校就业工作先进单位、湖南省普通高等学校就业创业工作“一把手工程”督查优秀单位◣、全国普通高校学籍学历管理工作先进集体等20多项重大荣誉。

                Brief Introduction of Yongzhou Vocational Technical College

                Approved by Hunan Provincial People’s Government and puton record by the Ministry of Education, as a full-time National Model Higher Vocational College, Yongzhou Vocational Technical College remains trueto the originalheart of thefive nationalor provincial-level key secondary schools, (namely former Lingling Agricultural School, Lingling Health School,Lingling Business School,LinglingNormal School,and Lingling Technical School) andhasinherited their tradition and spiritinvocational education, with itshistory of running schools being traced back to the 1930s.

                TheCollege occupies a total area of224.13 hectares, with its school buildings covering 470,000 square meters. Thetotalvalue of itsfixed assets reaches more than 1.1 billion yuan, among which the value of instrument and equipment amounts to 160 million yuan and the school library boasts a total collection of over 900,000 books. It has a faculty of 1071, of which 71 are professors, and 269 are associate professors. In terms of full-time teachers, the percentage of double-qualified teachers represents 82%.

                With12 secondaryschools and teaching departments, the College has offered 37 higher vocational majors and enrolled students from 27 provinces with the number of full-time students totaling 19000. At present, the College has 1 national teaching team, 3 provincial teaching teams, 3 national key majors, 4 provincial demonstrative and characteristic majors, and 3 provincial top-class characteristic major groups. It has also established 1 national production and training base, 1 national coordination and innovation center, 2 provincial production practice training bases, 2 provincial teacher training and certification bases and 3 major in-school production practice bases including an affiliated hospital, an ecological cultivation farm and Changtong Driving School.

                Ever since its founding, the College has adhered to the orientation of“based in Yongzhou, serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, dedicated to the cultivation of specialized applied talents with high quality and high skills for the local economic and social development. It has pioneered a new path“in pursuit of support and development through services and contributions”, and it has formed distinctive features of school-running and achieved outstanding performances. The College has successively owned more than 20 top honors including National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education, National Excellent College for Higher Vocational Education Evaluation, National Model Home for Workers, the First Prize of National Teaching Achievement, National Model Higher Vocational College, Civilized College in Hunan, Advanced Unit of Vocational Education in Hunan, Advanced Unit for Employment of Hunan Provincial Colleges and Universities, Excellent Supervision Unit for Employment and Entrepreneurship of Hunan Provincial Colleges and Universities as Top Leader’s Work, Advanced Collective in the Management of Student Status and Academic Qualifications of National Colleges and Universities, and so on.

                • 学校官微

                • 湖南☆省教育厅官微